Monday, June 20, 2005

Yiddish, anyone? OR Yay Mindy!

I was wondering if there's anyone who could help me. I'm translating something from Yiddish for my work, but there's a minor problem. I don't speak all :/ B"H, my father does, and he's helping me with it, but there were still a few words that we couldn't get. How many do you know?

ערן וועד

Edit: I've got 'em all, thanks to Mindy-see, that chasidish education is definately worthwhile! ;)


Mindy said...

1. bullets
2. specialist/artist/magician (dont know the context)
3. dontknow
4. stood/placed
5. worth/value
6. fleet/troop
7. numbers/statistics
8. citizens

those are free translations, dont know the sentences/context so you figure out what it's supposed t omeean. please let me know how close i got!

TRW said...

Wow!! Thanks!!

1, 2, 6, 8 work!!
3: "his father was a farleger"
4: oops! it's UPgeshelt!
5: "an ern va'ad of paratroopers"
7: "people traveled from tzifern" (I think)

Thanks again, Mindy!!

Mindy said...

I'll continue trying to help.
Upgeshtelt means HALTED
eren va'ad would be an honorary va'ad - va'ad would probably be the hebrew word, no?
Tzifern might be Cyprus I think.

See if that works....

Glad I could be of help!!!

Mindy said...

oh and flata probably means PLATOON. I couldnt think of the right word.

TRW said... it all makes sense! Thanks so much, Mindy! That's all I have so far...more to come-eventually..

Mindy said...

I'll help you with any translation needs you ever want. you can do it on your blog or via email.
and omg, another pottermaniac!? counting down anxiously to the book rlease.... can we wait til motzei shabbos to open it? LOL

defen said...

I remember when that counter was over 100 days. Scary thought.

TRW said...

..and you know everything fun to do with the new book is happening Friday night (probably a good thing that I can't go ;) )