Friday, March 25, 2005

Something to Be Proud of?

I just was reading an email with the title: "Something to be truly proud of." It was a list of Jews who have accomplished (40 times more than any ethnic group, proportionally) great feats of literature, arts, science, etc.

Is that something to be "truly" proud of? Um...yeah, sure. We're proud of them. Really, we are-they've done great things, and it's wonderful!

But is that it? Is that the sum of all things, physical achievements? I hope not.

Happy Purim!!

Top 10 Ways to Tell that Someone is a New Yorker that's been transplanted to Balmer
(As quoted in the Baltimore Jewish Spectator)
10. He is a member of every local Kollel, works full-time selling jewelry, takes night classes at Hopkins, and doesn't do NWCP because because it's bitul Torah and therefore inconsistant with the shana rishona rule.
9. His cell phone still has a 917 or 347 area code (I'm not sure what 347 is...I would have said 718, but then again, I didn't write it ;) ).
8. She tries to pay cash at Perns in order to avoid paying sales tax.
7. He has been living here still high school and his car is from Wheels to Lease or Leaseworld.
6. He can't understand why the local pizza shops close two hours before Shabbos.
5. He's the only one in shul who doesn't use a Seven Mile bag on his Shabbos hat when it's raining.
4. Her parents overpay by $50,000 to buy them a "starter house" in Ranchleigh and come to visit each month.
3. He calls Dougie's and Mauzone each month and tries to convince them to open a branch in Bal'mer.
2. She double parks even at the Owings Mills Mall.
1. He thinks he needs to buy a water filter to screen out the local iPods.

Gotta love the Pickwick Ma'alot Dafna people! ;)
Purim Sameach!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

And, from the moment she was born, she was...well...different!

It ain't easy being green. Trust me...I know. And since folks here to an absurd degree seem fixated on...never mind.
It's nice to be understood by one person. That sun that pulled the comet from its orbit, that boulder that was met by a stream, that skybird that dropped a seed.
You sing with me, you can feel my deepest pains and make them better. You understand my jokes, my humor, and my 'subtle' references that amuse me but that nobody else seems to get. It's lonely being alone in my own mind.
I miss you.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A lesson in Latin

Expleo, explere, explevi, expletum*. v-To fill up

Rather interesting. So an expletive is just something used to fill up space. So people who curse are really just full of hot air! ;)

Hope your day was as beautiful as mine! (Spring is coming, really it is, really really...)

*In Latin, every verb ('cept the exceptions) has four principle parts:
1. Present system active first person singular
2. Present infinitive
3. Perfect system active first person singular
4. Participial stem
You really wanted to know that, right? ;)

Saturday, March 12, 2005

There is no such thing as a coincidence...

I'm a pretty simple person. I can't always think of detailed, inspiring divrei Torah, nor can I write in the most brilliant style to transfix my readers. But I appreciate others that do that!!

For me, however, it's little things that make a big impact, so I try to pass them on. Today I was saying Barchi Nafshi after Mincha (which I didn't realize till today that you were supposed to say after Shabbos mincha..), and the Shir Hama'alos that follow. In 127 (whoa...on Rosh Chodesh Adar...this is becoming waaaay more apropos than I thought it was in the beginning!!), it says (and I'll translate cause I don't have Hebrew fonts on this computer):

It is vain for you who rise early, who sit up late, who eat the bread of sorrows-for indeed, He gives His beloved ones restful sleep.

Looking in my handy-dandy Artscroll commentary, it says that "without G-d's help, builders will fail, though they work early and late and deprive themselves of food, rest and tranquility. To His beloved ones, however, who trust in Him, and whose primary goal is spiritual growth, G-d will give restful sleep." (It was talking about builders in the previous pasuk, which is why the commentary uses builders in its explanation).

Well. I am in crunch time right now at school. I have a 10-14 page paper, an exam, and a 6 page paper that I have to write. I have Latin to memorize, and internship applications to finish and send in. I have been rising early, sitting up late, and eating crazy meals (or none, depending on time...). And then I come across this pasuk of Tehilim which tells me to trust in Hashem, and focus on the spiritual, cause THAT'S what's important and makes things happen.

Like I said, it's simple things that strike me. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we need a little emunah p'shuta to get us through the day. Yes, I'm still going to be researching long and hard, but it's good to know that the Creator of the universe, the Almighty King, is sitting right next to me, guiding my pen, and helping me finish my work quickly and efficiently, so that I can move on to the important things in life.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Bracha

With the power vested in me from the time of my great-grandfather Avraham, when Hashem told him "And whoever you shall bless shall be blessed," and the extra special strength that one has on their REAL birthday, I wish y'all the following:

May you and your loved ones (those you know and those you don't) have health and happiness, and truth in life.

May you continuously be growing and striving. And may it be easy for you to find people to help with your growth when you need it.

May you find something that fulfills you to the point of bursting with happiness-and after you find it, may you continue to have such experiences, to leave you continuously overflowing.

May you always experience joy from Torah and the beautiful nation of Klal Yisroel, and may you make us proud.

(For those who are at 'that stage'): May you find your bashert in the right time, and may you have clarity in realizing that he/she is the right one. May you not experience anguish in the search.

May you all be zoche to raise banim u'vnei banim oskim batorah u'bamitzvos (loose translation: sons and sons of sons, devoted to Torah and Mitzvos)

There's much more, and I could continue. But I won't, cause no matter what, I'll leave something out. I just wanna wish y'all joy, health, truth, and inspiration. And may we all merit to be the ones to bring Moshiach NOW!!

Ode to a Friend

Just stam ;)
Not cause of anything special (well...maybe it is), just to say ditto times 2!
I'm not so good at the whole thoughtful bit, but thank you.
In addition to all you mentioned (+HP, which you forgot ;) ):
For the long car drives and the sitting in the driveway dates. Your honesty is amazing and I appreciate it so much. Sometimes I'm irrational (who? me?), but you are just logical and make things make sense. The amount of times you've saved relationships is...well...I'm not posting that publically. But you do it. Cause you care.
Now that I have the power in my hands on this 27 Adar 1, I give you a bracha that you continue growing and helping others to grow and making others smile. But most importantly, may you have many chances to smile in the near future, and may many share in your happiness ;)
Thank you for being you.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Joys of History (or not)

Okay. Maybe I'm a kana'i (zealot). Or maybe it's just that I know that, WE are right, and they're wrong. I am fuming. Here's why:

The Quest of the Holy Grail (Penguin Edition)
p. 64-Discussing symbolism of a dead body...
"The tomb signifies the heardheartedness of the Jews, while the body represents the death of them and their seed in that mortal sin whose shackles proved so hard to loose..."

p. 122-Explaining a vision with a woman riding a serpent...
"The lady whom you saw astride the serpent, she is the Synagogue, the first Law, that was put aside as soon as JC had introduced the New. The serpent that carries her denotes the Scriptures wrongly understood and misconstrued; it is hyposcrisy and heresy, iniquity and mortal sin, it is the enemy himself [Read: Satan]"

And I'm only up to page 134. You wonder why there were pogroms, book-burnings, debates, absolute massacre? This is a book that's in the category of "vernacular literature," i.e. the books that the people read! (At least those who could read...)

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Joys of Torah

The Siyum Hashas tonight was a perfect capstone to the day. Crowds of people from all over the world joined together because so many men took it upon themselves to take time out of their days to learn Torah Sheba'al Peh. We were mikabel ol malchus shamayim (accepted the yoke of Hashem) at the Siyum, and there was dancing and singing. I can only wonder what the security guards and Collusium personnel thought of it.

It was absolutely amazing, and I am so pround to have been part of the event.
May we have the next one in Yerushalayim at the Bais Hamikdash.

Edit: Oops! Thanks, cosmic x, for the correction!
Edit #2: It doesn't make it as strong, but you're right, TPE. I of all people should know better than to fabricate data..

What a wonderful day!

I'm not generally a person who asks for much. (At least I'd like to think that.) All I want is for people to tell me Happy Bday when it's my day. So everyone who did extra, it was unexpected, and you made my day so wonderful! So I want to thank everyone for the completely unexpected wonderfulness of today!

T.B.M (I still think we've met...sorta)
Flairrah (missing you still!)

Phone Calls:
Lindsey (X2-kudos!)


Esty O.
Stx again

Pen Pal:
Wow. Thank you. A lot. For the book, which I totally didn't expect and which made me smile a lot and be very happy. And for the card. And for the letters. And for the phone calls. And for the beautiful blog, which said everything I would've said 'cept "fellow HP obsessor." So ditto back at you. And we'll work on the Harley.

My apartment-mates:
Wow, wow, and double wow! Didn't expect much cause I'm new and all, but that was soooo sweet and made my night even specialer!

Everyone I know that's involved in Wicked (I haven't gotten the complete list yet...;) ):

'Nuff said. We're really really thankful. For it all. For good. For teaching me to defy gravity. Maybe We'll think of a pardon for you --> ;) IF you get cracking on the music-writing!