Friday, March 25, 2005

Something to Be Proud of?

I just was reading an email with the title: "Something to be truly proud of." It was a list of Jews who have accomplished (40 times more than any ethnic group, proportionally) great feats of literature, arts, science, etc.

Is that something to be "truly" proud of? Um...yeah, sure. We're proud of them. Really, we are-they've done great things, and it's wonderful!

But is that it? Is that the sum of all things, physical achievements? I hope not.


defen said...

The question might become, "Are we any more proud of them than we are of non-Jews who accomplish similar great things?"

Cosmic X said...

We should be proud if we are doing G-d's will.

qui said...

The truth is that 99.9% of them achieved what they achieved only after they discarded "mitsvos".

If it is O.K., there is no reason not to be proud of them. If this is not O.K., taking pride in their achievements is a clear sign of shortsightedness and lack of intelligence.

Next time you hear a rant about "a small nation that has changed the history, etc etc etc", ask the ranter whether he really understands what he is talking about.. for instance, whether he does not mind his own son becoming a new Albert Enshtein and his own daughter - a new Hanna Arendt, of course, at the expense of throwing away the shackls of "mesorah", as it always happened.

Or, better ask such a man why is it that out of all this multitude of Jew-geniouses not a single person ever "returned" to tradition? And what does it suggest about the validity of this tradition?

Thank you for having brought up such a far-going topic. Talking about it helps people breathe.