Wednesday, March 02, 2005

What a wonderful day!

I'm not generally a person who asks for much. (At least I'd like to think that.) All I want is for people to tell me Happy Bday when it's my day. So everyone who did extra, it was unexpected, and you made my day so wonderful! So I want to thank everyone for the completely unexpected wonderfulness of today!

T.B.M (I still think we've met...sorta)
Flairrah (missing you still!)

Phone Calls:
Lindsey (X2-kudos!)


Esty O.
Stx again

Pen Pal:
Wow. Thank you. A lot. For the book, which I totally didn't expect and which made me smile a lot and be very happy. And for the card. And for the letters. And for the phone calls. And for the beautiful blog, which said everything I would've said 'cept "fellow HP obsessor." So ditto back at you. And we'll work on the Harley.

My apartment-mates:
Wow, wow, and double wow! Didn't expect much cause I'm new and all, but that was soooo sweet and made my night even specialer!

Everyone I know that's involved in Wicked (I haven't gotten the complete list yet...;) ):

'Nuff said. We're really really thankful. For it all. For good. For teaching me to defy gravity. Maybe We'll think of a pardon for you --> ;) IF you get cracking on the music-writing!


Stx said...

Wow. How on EARTH did I miss this post?

No pardons needed, dear. Est. Fn. With Dudley (the first) on your side, I can't lose! Nothing can bring you down--you're unlimited. The two stars wink at each other over the horizon. And as much as tlu and mlu and ilu and uclu, Hlu most of all--remember that.

And, at the risk of being cliche...


Stx said...

Btw, I commented on your blog too ;)

Do I get brownie points for that one?

T. "B." M. said...

Aww, thanks :) You know that really makes MY day (or night as the case may be). That's really a great thing to do... mind if I steal it for my blog a few times (of course I would say it was your idea)? And really, thanks.

"I still think we've met...sorta"
I highly doubt it, but maybe. I've never met anyone in person who had your very special and unique interests (sp?).

TRW said...

TBM-Sure, you can use whatever you like from my blog for inspiration for your blog ;)...but what's "it"?

No, I don't think we met in person, I think you emailed me 'bout UMBC. Could that be?

T. "B." M. said...

Ooops, sorry:
"it" is the whole idea of thanking everyone who made your day great. I think it's a great way to work on a)your hakoras hatov, and b)your emunah/bitachon in HKB"H. Thanks and Warmest Regards.