Monday, February 28, 2005

Warning: This post is extremely non-PC

Note to self:
1. Just because something says Medieval on it doesn't mean that it's worth taking
2. There is very little literature of value
3. Stop smirking, Stx!! (oh...that wasn't to self...but close enough)

Medieval Vernacular Literature...okay, I was stupid. I admit. I saw vernacular, and I didn't define it correctly. I defined it non-religious. The meaning is "language of the people". So they write about the church in the language of the people. I'm not interested. Not my religion, not my thing. But I'm doing the work cause I paid good money for the course and there's only a month left.

Today was a pretty harsh reading, though.

"...signifies the hardheartedness of the Jews...represents the death of them (the Jews) and their seed in that mortal sin whose shackles proved so hard to loose."

Um...yeah. I'm offended. Seriously. I could go into more, but it's not necessary. We don't accept your god and that's enough to harangue us for all the sins of mankind for the rest of eternity? Do you know what the Jews were doing when your lovely knights (the book is the Quest of the Holy Grail) were out exploring courtly love in the 5th century? Go find someone else to bother and leave my people alone!

Oh, and one more thing. According to this narrative, we were supposed to die 2000 years ago. Oooops. Nobody told us, I suppose...;)

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