Tuesday, February 08, 2005

"Hasidim" WOW!!

So I had an insane weekend. Two weddings, two cities, 5 days. (And, oh yeah...I still have to write another paper due Friday...). But I learned a lot.

I took a flight to NY early Sunday morning (well...early for me) to get to a wedding of a close friend. I was supposed to be picked up at the airport, but due to technical difficulties (not my own), I was not. I was stranded. Lucky for me, the tiny plane was full of...Chasidim!

Now you have to understand. I come from a town (not as small as everyone thinks it is) that has barely any Chasidim. And my grandfather was born in Lita. We're the original Litvaks. For me, meeting Chasidim is really a cultural experience (I didn't need to go abroad after all!), and I was fascinated! (Oh, incidentally, GGreen, they were from London-but Stamford Hill. It was funny, cause they were speaking Yiddish, so I didn't expect them to speak English correctly, but they did! Shows my prejudices and judgementalness...and got me thinking.)

Approaching the nearest one, I asked if I could have a ride to wherever they were going (Boro Park). The answer was "yes, no problem, you can come in our car service!" Well, after quickly calling a friend who I haven't spoke to in years who was thrilled to have me come over, I joined them in their car. When I offered to pay my share of the ride, they didn't let me, and were really friendly and kind.

B"H, it was a wonderful experience. So I don't know what the shmichyheads are talking about.


Stx said...

Wow, that "technical difficulties" link scared me for a sec...And who on earth is that mysterious girl whose number you had even though you hadn't spoken to her for years?

And those chassidim have just made a huge kiddush Hashem on a shtark litvak and a whole lot of random bloggoJews...

MatzahNacho said...

When we went to Israel we took a sherut from the airport to Jerusalem, and the destination of a few of the passengers was Meah She'arim. It was our first stop, and I was like, wow, Jerusalem! That feeling grew and grew until it peaked at the Kotel. I want to go again!

leati said...

You can now add 'hitchhiker' to your own list of you's :)

Jen said...