Saturday, February 26, 2005

SHabbos #9

I know, I know, I skipped a few...but time flew, so I guess I'm having fun! ;)

Shabbos. It was wonderful. I went to a Shabbaton, and I was actually pretty nervous about it, cause I don't generally like being in overly social situations (that's when the acting bit comes in handy...), but it turned out to be soooooo nice!!

The highlight was the oneg Friday night. We went to the house of this couple. We sat at the table. Then we were fed Torah a whole night. I felt like I was a sponge, just gathering in what was being said. It was so beautiful. These were people who had an amazing love of Torah, love of Bnai Yisroel, love of Hashem. I came home bursting with joy and I wanted to share the joy. I wish I could give over to others the joy and Torah that this man had. I wish I could remember every holy word, every beautiful story, and that I could tell it to the world.

Didja ever feel that? Where you left a place sooo happy that you felt like you had to share some of your overflow joy or you would just explode?

That was my Shabbos. Hope yours was (and that they continue to be) as incredibly inspiring.

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