Friday, March 25, 2005

Happy Purim!!

Top 10 Ways to Tell that Someone is a New Yorker that's been transplanted to Balmer
(As quoted in the Baltimore Jewish Spectator)
10. He is a member of every local Kollel, works full-time selling jewelry, takes night classes at Hopkins, and doesn't do NWCP because because it's bitul Torah and therefore inconsistant with the shana rishona rule.
9. His cell phone still has a 917 or 347 area code (I'm not sure what 347 is...I would have said 718, but then again, I didn't write it ;) ).
8. She tries to pay cash at Perns in order to avoid paying sales tax.
7. He has been living here still high school and his car is from Wheels to Lease or Leaseworld.
6. He can't understand why the local pizza shops close two hours before Shabbos.
5. He's the only one in shul who doesn't use a Seven Mile bag on his Shabbos hat when it's raining.
4. Her parents overpay by $50,000 to buy them a "starter house" in Ranchleigh and come to visit each month.
3. He calls Dougie's and Mauzone each month and tries to convince them to open a branch in Bal'mer.
2. She double parks even at the Owings Mills Mall.
1. He thinks he needs to buy a water filter to screen out the local iPods.

Gotta love the Pickwick Ma'alot Dafna people! ;)
Purim Sameach!


defen said...

347 is the Brooklyn cellphone area code. Or one of them.

EN said...
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TRW said...

Shows how much I know about the big city ;)

Chaim said...

as someone who has done thier share fair of hanging out by tov's and owings mills, i must say that was very funny.