Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Ode to a Friend

Just stam ;)
Not cause of anything special (well...maybe it is), just to say ditto times 2!
I'm not so good at the whole thoughtful bit, but thank you.
In addition to all you mentioned (+HP, which you forgot ;) ):
For the long car drives and the sitting in the driveway dates. Your honesty is amazing and I appreciate it so much. Sometimes I'm irrational (who? me?), but you are just logical and make things make sense. The amount of times you've saved relationships is...well...I'm not posting that publically. But you do it. Cause you care.
Now that I have the power in my hands on this 27 Adar 1, I give you a bracha that you continue growing and helping others to grow and making others smile. But most importantly, may you have many chances to smile in the near future, and may many share in your happiness ;)
Thank you for being you.

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leati said...

You made me really happy!