Monday, July 25, 2005

"En" Interview of TRW ;)

Good questions, En! They really made me think...which is 99.6% of the time a good thing ;)

Just a note...I almost done, and then the thunderstorm came and erased take 2.

1) Describe in detail a play that you would produce on Broadway.

The easy answer: If I knew the details of that play, it'd be written and in production stage already!!

The harder answer: I'm in middle of one...but I don't want to talk about it (except to my wonderful editor/songwriter) until it's really real and finished.

The ideal: A story with beautiful, catchy music that leaves the audience (and the actors) knowing more while continuing to think, proud of who they are while continuing to grow, and with a huge desire to go out and make the world a better place.

Ah...what would any of us to with the ability to inspire the world? (And what do those with that power actually do...?)

2)If you were to find a manuscript from the Rambam that was never seen by anyone, what would you do with it?

First I'd lock myself in the library until I'd finished going through the whole thing. After verifying it for myself, I'd take it to the local בקאי in כל התורה כולה and get his opinion on it. After it's been confirmed and verified, I'd take it to my local publishing house and make sure everyone can get a copy that's obviously true and real, so I wouldn't have to worry about words of תורה being doubted.

I would also scour the margins to try and find notes or personal comments that would help with an insight into the life and era of the Rambam so that we can make history really part of our lives and see its importance in terms of הלכה and מסרה (i.e. Why was this particular פסק so significant, based on what was going on in Egypt at the time?).

Once all the excitement dies down, I'll go back in the library and see what else I can find ;)

3)If you could be one character in HP which one would you be and why?

And what makes you think I'd know characters from HP? ;)

My favorite character is Ron. Perhaps because we share a birthday, but also 'cause I relate to him. I'm a bit nervous around some people and I don't always know what to say and I have friends that are better and smarter than me that sometimes make me feel a little bad but mostly I'm sooo glad that I'm friends with them. (Whew! Long sentence, no commas....but I'm not the English major ;) ). And no, that isn't just about one person, or two, or's a self-esteem thing.

Would I wanna be like him? Dunno. In terms of personality, I wish I could have Lupin's kindness, McGonnagal's brains (note that I didn't say Dumbledore's-sometimes too much wisdom can bring you down...:( ), Tonk's funnyness (when she gets over her issue at the end of HBP), Fred & George's ease among people, Malfoy's perserverence (just not for the same things..), Hagrid's huge heart, Ginny's strength of character, Hermione's practicality (but not her worries), and nothing of Snape.

But that still didn't answer the question ("one character"), did it? Ah well.

4)If you were to write a meforash on Torah what sefer would you write it on and why?

Megilas Esther. I spent a long time studying only one pasuk of it for a paper in seminary and it really speaks to me (and no, my name isn't Esther ;) ). It's really a מגלה for גלות, and so much of it clearly applies today. (אמונת חכמים, for one..)

5)Describe the best thing your future husband could do for you to make you happy.

Very hard question. Are you asking what I'm looking for in a guy? Hmm..

The best thing that a husband could do that'd make me happy is to show me that he loves כלל ישראל and wants to do everything in his power to bring them closer to their Source. ('Course, I'm part of כלל ישראל ;) ). There's the usual support and caring and open ear, etc., all of which are crucial, but priorities MUST be straight as well.

Thanks again, En, that was truly an eye-opening experience for me!

Now the rules again:

1) Leave me a comment saying "interview me please."

2)I will respond by asking you five questions (not the same as above)

3)You will update your blog/site with the answers to the questions.

4) You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5) When others comment asking to be interviewed you will ask them five questions.


Stx said...

Okay, but be nice...

EN said...

Great Answers! I really would have loved to know more about your play, but I guess I will have to have to settle for what you decided to share, (remember, I am a guy so I probably will not get to see it in theater.;-( )I love the theme ;)

As for question #2, a little selfish aren't we,*impish grin*, don't you think Rav Elyashiv should get first dibs? I would do the same thing *wide smile*.

I don't know much about HP except he is cute kid in the movie, and has magic. I leave the critique up to you. I think you did a good job.

Great idea on Meggilas Esther.

Thanks for the advice. ;)


TRW said...


leati said...

me too! i wanna play!

and don't feel the need to stop at 5 ;)

EN said...

Can you please interview me?

Karl said...

While I'm at it as well, can you interview me. (although may be a while until I get around to answering.)

Eli7 said...

I want in on the fun too!!

(Tho, you have a bunch of requests already, so I'll forgive you if you can't...)

TRW said...

Hmm...I was afraid of that.

Fine, I'll interview y'all, but then you have to interview me back! ('Cept en, 'cause he did already).

TRW said...

...but I'm allowed to refuse to answer in public if it's something I can't share. (Yes, that was for you.)

TRW said...

Phew! Done! I gave everyone questions, and I'm awaiting mine ;)

Now off to return books and pick up 5 rolls of film from London!!

EN said...

Thanks for the questions, *whew* they were very hard.

Eli7 said...

Ok, here it is:

What do you view as a defining moment - an epiphany or revelation - in your life?

If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would that word be?

What is your greatest accomplishment?

In a perfect world, where/who will you be 20 years from now?

What is your single most valued possession?

fsgsf said...

I would be honored if you would interview me please!


NJ from NJ