Wednesday, November 02, 2005

How surprising.

No time to post a real post, so here's a quick observation that I couldn't resist.

From Google Desktop News (sitefeed)

"Hamas Promises to Retain Truce in Israel"
-Guardian Unlimited (12 hours ago)

"Hamas will End Truce in Israel"
-BBC News (7 hours ago) I the only one confused?
And they're both UK'd think someone would be reading the other papers...


BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

To my eyes, there never was a truce, unless I am missing something!

yingele said...


they say the only think you should believe in the papers is the price.

Jen said...

I am so fed up with Muslims I can't see straight.

fsgsf said...

There will never be peace with them! They wont be happy until every last Israeli is dead! sigh.


NJ from NJ

Tanisha said...

I am def fed up with muslim and many of my friends who are muslims are too. Who knows with these people. They will never quit ujtil they rule the world again

Jeru Guru said...

Love your blog.

Good luck with everything.


YMedad said...

Here's a great UK journalistic example of in-built anti-Israel prejudice:,,251-1957446,00.html
and its headline:Today's Joseph and Mary would face 15 checkpoints.
Er, Joseph & Mary were Jewish - why would they face checkpoints?