Thursday, December 22, 2005

Those Wild-Eyed Radicals...

One of my jobs at work is organizing an archive of "alternative press." Alternative press is (like it sounds), anything printed that is not mainstream. I've learned some interesting things:

1. Only the people who call themselves "left" write alternative press pamphlets. Does that mean that "right" is mainstream? ;)

2. There's a lot of hatred. Most of these magazines, pamphlets, etc., are extremely incendiary (and I don't mean flammable ;) ), to the point that I actually had to put some of them down and take a deep breath (not 'cause I was angry with them, but 'cause I was angry AT them-for spreading lies, etc. FWI: There are lots of "Palestinian" reviews that are downright frightening.)

3. Everyone who publishes this "alternative press" is sure that everyone else hates them, and is out to get them, specifically, and so has to strike before the enemy. It's really weird.

4. There was an overabundance of "New"s and "Left"s as part of the title. People really want to show that their cause is different than everyone else's. (I guess it's like on a personal description on a blog, where the person writes "I am unique," like everyone else.)

Many many people today take on Purposes and run, very far, with them because they have nothing else to cling to. It's kinda sad.


BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

First of all, let me wish you a Happy Hanukah. Sorry I have not visited your blog for awhile, but there have been many changes on this front.

It is an oddity, since although I consider myself an open minded person, a bit liberal, but not radical, when it comes to Israel, I am to the right of the right! My husband is always teasing me about this, since he says that my ideas would not be sold to anyone, and make no logical sense. I admit, the exisitence of the State of Israel, and the survival of the Jews is a very emotional issue for me. That being said, I say what I believe, and if others do not like it, it is their problem.

Be well.

TRW said...

Oh, Barbara, I wasn't calling names-it's my penchant for using lines from musicals, etc. for my titles-that's from Stan Freberg's "United States of America."

I don't think anyone can be totally "left" or "right." There are so many issues on each side and people are so multi-faceted...;)

And compared to the magazines I've read, you're waaaaaaaay moderate. You don't spread hatred, you discuss issues. There's a huge difference.