Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Coincidence and Choices

Don't really have time to write too much - I have two essays due tomorrow and I haven't started, but I haven't posted in a while, and my thoughts are bursting out. So I'll share one.

Yesterday, I was supposed to meet a friend. I had a little extra time, so I decided to get off the stop before the one I really needed and walk down (even though it was pouring rain) to meet her, and visit the interesting sights (which there always are) along the way. On a whim, I stopped in a store. Not one I usually frequent; in fact, I hadn't even known that the store existed on that particular street! While browsing around, I (literally) bumped into a friend from home. Someone I'd pretty much lost touch with and haven't spoken to in ages. We talked for a bit, exchanged new phone numbers, and promised to meet over lunch or something. And the friend I was supposed to meet? She cancelled, so I stayed and talked with Friend #2 for far longer than I would have.

I got thinking about it. For some reason, I was supposed to meet her. I was so close to not walking into the store, so close to just walking past. After all, I have a ton of work to do!! But I made the choice to walk in - it was one of those times that I got to see the outcome of a choice I made almost immediately. Incredible!

(So tonight, when I realized I left my jacket at school after I'd already gotten to the subway, I went back to get it...after much thinking about it. But you can't expect to see outcomes that clearly two nights in a row!)


defen said...

Nice to see you back here. :-)

sara said...

I heard about this story because I saw her that night with her sister at a shiur in the city. It's a very small world!

TRW said...

Defen: Thanks...and g'luck.

Sara: See, there are lots of little coincidences in life ;)

kasamba said...

It's nice to catch up with friends!

Good luck on your essays!!!!

Scraps said...

Yay, you're back! :)

It's really cool when something like that happens. This weekend I was out of town, and I happened to run into a friend I hadn't seen in ages because she lived in the city I was visiting...and she told me she just moved to New York! Not quite the same, but close. :) It was still cool to see her; it had been close to two years, probably.

the only way i know said...

i really like when i see things like this happen in my life
makes you feel taken care of, special..hopeful..

TRW said...

Kas - Ain't that a fact! And it'd been way too long

Scraps - Thanks - but I think I'm back in short spurts...the semester has really gotten started...

Only way - Exactly!! My imagination usually runs in overtime after things like that...who knows what else will happen...who else I'll meet...;)