Thursday, January 11, 2007

An Ode

I'm not really explaining this. It applies to one person, who didn't mind me sitting on hold while I blew my nose - loudly. If that wasn't you, then you're still a good person, but you just don't get an ode. Too bad.

Every once in a while
Someone makes you smile
And you feel the need to shout
“Hey, you took away my pout!”

So you write a poem that’s sappy
Hope it won’t cause y’all to nappy
To tell the person thanks
For dealing with your cranks.

She's neither Grecian nor an urn
But when I have a bad turn
She’ll (usually) listen to my rant
As she tends to her plant(s).

And so here I show my appreciation
For dealing with my frustration
And being my salvation
And avoiding the temptation of abdication.


defen said...

You're lucky and you're friend is lucky. :-) I'm sure you both know that.

TRW said...


kasamba said...

So sweet!

Scraps said...

Quite the eloquent poet you are. :)

B. said...

plants don't snort or sneeze. and they are a lovely shade of green. but they don't write funny poems either. (meaningful, I meant meaningful).

TRW said...

Well, it's a good thing I have one good quality to one-up the plant...