Sunday, October 10, 2004

Simchas Torah

It's amazing!! What do we do? We dance around the Torah, we reaffirm our faith. It's a holiday of pure joy and connecting to G-d and His Gift to us (which, incidentally, includes the blueprint for the world and the reason for our existance!!) It's really an amazing thing...;)

(I feel like soon I'll be able to give myself Amos's label-"Bible-thumping wacko...and proud of it!" Wow. I'm afraid...well...not really! If my blog freaks you out, you don't have to read it! But if it doesn't...beware...and enjoy!! :)


leati said...

"Forget the blog...beware of author." :)

What happened to B&N today?? Btw, I found an awesome new place. Give a chat when you have a moment in between piles of homework.

TRW said...

For the record, I was NOT the one was was un-getintouchable cause of leaving a cell phone at home...;)
But we'll try out the new place next week IY"H!