Tuesday, December 28, 2004

How DARE you?

I am addressing this post to three specific people. Due to an important thing called לשון הרע (a concept they totally don't understand), I won't name them...
I'm talking about people who use the phrase "intellectually lazy," to describe Rabbonim or Gedolei Hador. Have you ever learned a page of גמרה? A line of מהרל? Have you ever sat in a בית מדרש-for just the purpose of listening and learning, not to find ways to further your own twisted reasoning? You'll find that being quiet and just absorbing for a bit can be an amazing experience...try it one day!)
I just don't get it. If you find that there are problems in this society-and I'll be the first to admit that there are-work on ways to FIX them rather than to rant about it for days just to spread hate and discontent. The LAST thing you can call any person who is immersed in the study of Torah is "intellectually lazy."
It's so ridiculous...I'm just in shock...but then again, thank G-d, I haven't been exposed to these hate-spreading people until recently. Naivete is a much calmer state of mind...
Wow. I hope you work out your issues.


defen said...

I never heard such audacity. People who say that are intellectually dishonest. And that's all my blood pressure allows me to say on the subject.

Jen said...

Got back last night and had to come here to thank you for the wonderfully sweet comment you left me. Blessings to you. Many, many blessings.


DovBear said...

What was the context?

The gedolim aren't lazy in the way you described, but there are different types of laziness.

TRW said...

I'm sorry. I'm not going to link to them because I refuse to connect to these people on my site cause they annoy me (slightly..could you tell?)
I mean the term intellectually lazy. I guess it can be interpreted in different ways, but when I first saw it, that's how I understood it.

The Perfect Ema said...

hmm...so you don't allow anonymous comments. Alright, well then, I have no problem commenting openly. I once had someone ask me if my husband was "addicted to learning Torah." I guess that would fall under the same stupidity. I can't even begin to try to figure out what prompts people to say such stupid things on things that they have no clue to what they are. I have to admit that there are people who are intellectually lazy when it comes to learning. There are the daily daf yomi goers who go and space out for an hour, but hey, they are learning torah!!
Totally off topic, but that reminds me of something...will tell a great story in a few minutes.
But, is that bad? They are at least doing their hishtadlus. They are trying to better themselves. But, to really learn, a person needs to use their brain power more than one can ever imagine. Men who are learning in yeshiva come home exhausted after just learning all day. Why? Because they have been using their brain all day. If they were just sitting twiddling their thumbs they would not be so exhausted. In addition, by learning, people become smarter and greater in all areas. I once heard on a tape how a guy was learning in yeshiva for many, many years. It came time for him to get a job and he didn't have any experience or education. He took like a 6 month course on computers and within months, he advanced extremely quickly. Why? Because although he hadn't been learning computers per se, he had been learning daily for hours on end, sharpening his brain, and learning Torah is a unique sharpening of the brain, therebye, he was better prepared for any job. I feel that if you are a mother and do it the "right way" and truly invest your energies and with proper avodas Hashem, then so too in the long run, you will do better at many other things.
Now, to post this great story about "daf yomi goers" who space out. Personally, i would say they should go to a shiur for their level or learn one on one and gain skills, but I would ask a rav, it is not for me to judge for others....anyway, i am quite rambling right now...the story is that a rav asked one of his nightly daf yomi goers why he comes to his shiur if every single night he falls asleep. What's the point? Go home and get a decent night sleep. The man answered the following: "I want my children to see that their father is learning torah. They know that every night I go to a daf yomi shiur. They see what is important to me." NOW THAT IS MESIRAS NEFESH!!! (IMHO)

TRW said...

Ema-The anonymous comment thing is definately intentional. I feel that if people have something important to say, they shouldn't be afraid and hide in anonymity (see the above blog). Besides, having a screen name is anonymous anyway, so what does it hurt?
On having a husband "addicted to Torah," wow...that would be wonderful!! :) (I guess it all depends on the tone of voice ;) )