Monday, February 13, 2006

(Please, no platitudes)

It's like getting addicted to cigarettes to replace coffee.

Can one thing ever replace another? Doubtful. But if you don't have time for anything, it all falls to the wayside. The good things go first.

That's very frightening.

Priorities? Are there any?

I don't think blogging is all that healthy.

Oh well. Back to work.


G Green said...

Unfortunatly, couldn't agree more.

Stx said...

Um...Defen? Is that you?

*muffled I'm-sorry-platitude*

defen said...

Blogging can be healthy. It greatly depends on who, when, what, and how.

Good luck with the work. That's something I understand.

SaraQ said...

But dear, I love reading your blogs!! I have seen some unhealthy-or should I say unproductive-blogs, and yours is not one of them!! I hope your week is going ok...

TRW said...

Ok, so maybe I did want platitudes. But subtle ones. And you came through! :)

(That doesn't mean I'm not thinking of stopping the blog, though...I just have to figure out if I can save my archives to disk...)

It's been a hard week.


Stx said...

Wha...??? You're thinking of stopping the blog? Since when?

Maybe you can go on vacation for a bit...come back when things calm down or when you absolutely need a break...or even this summer?

defen said...

With no intention of influencing your decision either way, I'd like to point out that your blog is one of the very, very few I frequent online. Because your blog is a refreshing breath of fresh, clean air in a community of (mostly) jaded bloggers.
It would be silly to convince you that blogging isn't always a waste of time. I'm sure you discovered you were more productive during the weeks when you didn't blog. Do realize, though, that blogging can have its place. You might find that blogging on a regular but infrequent basis may suit you. Or you may not. Whatever you choose, be assured that as long as you post, I plan to read.

Naphtoli said...

I woke up last week and wanted to write a blog, but if tomorrow I don't want to write a blog, I won't... I hope you wake up wanting to write... because I'll always want to read