Sunday, July 16, 2006

Crazy situations...what can you do about Israel?

So I'm not really sure what to say about this matter...

I just want to reiterate what other bloggers have mentioned:

We have to be davening every day with major extra kavana (Scraps mentioned that "Individually or in groups, people are recommended to say the following perakim of Tehillim: 6, 13, 20, 22, 30, 79, 83, 121, 130, 142.") Keep an ear out for shul gatherings in your area for group tehillim.
Edit: The above tehillim are the ones we said at an incredibly intense gathering of seemingly the entire city at shul tonight, so I can confirm that they're the ones that have been "recommended."

Keep updated on the news. It's really important to know what's going on - these are our brothers and sisters we're talking about! I personally get my news from Jameel @ the Muqata (currently hosting fellow blogger Rock of Galilee and his family, refugees from the North...)

We have to focus on positive portrayals of Eretz Yisroel to all the confused people around us (at work, etc.) who (silly them) believe Western media. Here would be a good place to point out a great post of Olah Chadasha discussing the positive reactions of many of the Lebanese (and NOT Palestinian - don't mix them up!) toward Israel's invasion of their own country, which is amazing. But they hate the Hezbolla as well - they've been destroying their country for years!

Cross-Currents gives Top Ten list of "Ways to Help Israel," which I think is fairly insightful.

My personal one? When you're feeling an intense negative emotion about the small things in life ("oh, he cut me off; my friends don't like me; I'll never be able to..."), focus that emotion on the greater situation in כלל ישראל. It's not an easy exercise, but try it. You're feeling the emotion anyway...use it to focus outside of YOU and more into the US.

Other ideas? Let me know...

Scraps mentioned that "Rav Elyashiv is recommending people say perakim 13, 70, 125, and 128 for the current matzav."

She also included other "up-to-the-minute" news bloggers: (IsraellyCool)

I also want to point out JBlogosphere's War post, which includes a live news feed, what-we-can-do, and a pretty long list of "up-to-the-minute" bloggers.


Scraps said... (IsraellyCool) and (Olah Chadasha) are also giving up-to-the-minute news reports of what's going on in Israel.

Also, there's a text message going around that Rav Elyashiv is recommending people say perakim 13, 70, 125, and 128 for the current matzav in E"Y.

Jessica said...

I stumbled across your blog; your ideas are very articulate! I know all of us Jews are thinking of Israel constantly; I don't know that everyone is thinking of what they should be doing so that we merit peace in Eretz Yisrael. keep posting.

TRW said...

Scraps: I edited you in.

Jessica: Welcome! Hopefully we're all focusing everything on our fellow Jews...our thoughts, our actions - and especially our prayers.