Wednesday, December 13, 2006

TRT Observations

Or as a far away friend would call it..."mind dump." Each of these lines deserve their own blog post, but I think that's a bit overwhelming...and I DO have other things to you'll get the shortened version :)

The slightest smile makes the biggest difference.

Before you call a helpline for anything, make sure that everything possible is plugged in. Otherwise you sound really stupid after talking to customer service for two hours...

Russian sounds like a very unhappy language.

There are so many different people in New York. It's absolutely fascinating. And terribly lonely.

Chewing gum in public, especially with an open mouth, is disgusting and should be banned.

Is setting a mousetrap צער בעלי חיים?

It's very nice to see people learning Torah on the train.

The more people, the more intense the peer pressure.

You know you're living in a Jewish neighborhood when they put a huge menorah up in your apartment lobby (and no tree...)


defen said...

"Is setting a mousetrap צער בעלי חיים?"


TRW said...

Thanks for the psak, rebbe! :)

defen said...

As I've inferred from my rabbi's actions; he has set mousetraps in his home.

And I remember learning that tzaar baalei chaim is only for animals that serve man - like donkeys, cows, and sheep. Not bees and ants and mice.

TRW said...

Well, the mice died in the upstairs neighbor's mousetraps. So no roommate says it's because Hashem only gives challanges to those who can handle them...and some of my apartmentmates wouldn't have taken too well to dying/dead mice in the apartment...