Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Conspiracy Theory

It's very rare that I comment on politics on this blog. The things that I would comment on, everyone else has already said, so I don't think it's necessary. Today, however, I can't hold back - and I don't think this has been said before:

I believe that the Neturei Karta who went to the Holocaust "conference" are not real Jews. I believe that they are people who are dressed up as Jews because they want to make Chassidim specifically, and Jews in general, look bad. Because it was one thing that they were saying that Jews shouldn't consider E"Y the be-all, end-all. But there is no possible way for them to twist Torah to validate their thinking about this. I mean, they're basically condoning, straight out, the murder of thousands of Jews by collaberating with Ahmadinejad. And they're clearly doing it for media attention. So my theory is that they're doing it to get an impression of Jews on TV. Either way, I'm exceedingly disturbed.

And the newspapers that I read over everyone's shoulder on the train are sooooo's frightening.


Deborah said...

I seriously had the same thought, after watching one "rabbi" on Iranian TV speaking in Arabic talking about how Zionists are not Jews and blessing various Iranian leaders by saying they should "live and be well, please Allah?!?!?!?!" Even a rabbi a little off his rocker doesn't talk like that...

TRW said...

Good - I'm soo glad you said that. Now if only we can convince the rest of the world...alas