Friday, November 12, 2004

יהודים ששונאים את עצמם

Why? Why can't we look for the good in those people that it's apparantly so easy to find bad in? It'll make your life (and perspective) so much more positive, and then y'all won't blast our faults all over the Internet for all to see. Find the good, and make it a קדוש ה and not, C"V, the opposite. PLEASE!! If you can change the world, please, go ahead!! But if it's just לשון הרע, why is it necessary?
No, this is not addressed to anyone or anything specific...just a culmination of events.


Jockey said...

since ur not pointing out something specific, I can't address it in particular. but a lot of Jews are angry at other Jews whom they feel have hurt them. Or their images. Also, when we are constantly lumped with other Jews, it makes us cranky. And it really matters to a lot of Jews that they think other Jews are really hurting the world. And they might be right. And they justify themselves by saying that, hey- they're telling the truth. Or that whoever is doing whatever is so bad that they're not Amisecha. Or that you're required to point out apikorsim.

TRW said...

So what is the action gained from simply complaining? If there's a problem, deal with it, or find someone who can! Just complaining about things doesn't usually change them, in fact it just angers the people about whom you're complaining!
So, you ask, how dare I post such a comment, then, if it seems to be exactly what I'm complaining about? First of all I was careful to put some of the words in Hebrew-intentionally. Second, if you notice the post that follows, I present an alternative (in this case, an alternative way of seeing things).
I'm not saying there aren't problems. I'm just saying that it makes me sad when I go through frum blogs and see only negative. The occasional blog celebrating frumkeit makes my day so much better! (Course, if I would spend less time online, that'd also be better, but that's a different story..;) )
All I'm saying is to give the same weight (and I hope more, but equal is a start) to the postive and wonderful things that make us up as the Am Hanivchar.