Sunday, November 28, 2004

Defending Myself Against Lurkers...

So apparantly I've made it to Oh dear. So now I have to explain some things, because someone apparantly read only the name of my site and came to his own conclusions about me...and I quote:

BaronPhilip-"A blog by a "frum actress"? What does she write about? Kosher tarfus?"

Um...I sure hope that's not what my posts have been coming across as-if I have been, let me know, and I'll stop blogging immediatly.

I wonder if you'll actually take the time to see my site and give me the benefit of the doubt, but this is to answer your question, "Baron":

I love to act, and, I might add, I kinda have talent (If you must know, though I hate posting personal stuff, I worked at a FRUM girls' performing arts camp for two summers). Apparantly you can't understand this, which is fine...many of my best friends can't (tho some can ;) ). I also, B"H, am veery happy being frum. It's what literally, B"H, makes my life what it is, and I am (and will be!) eternally grateful for it. I also don't think that anybody has a talent that is to be wasted. (To quote Julia Blum..."If G-d gives you a gift, you are obligated to use it. Use it to bring goodness into this world, and honor to the One who gave it to you.") I happened to be given by Hashem a talent for acting. Ordinarilly, one might think that this is something that can't be used, and should instead be stifled (and after all, aren't Orthodox women stifled anyway? NO!!) I made "frumactress" my blog name because I feel that it's NOT an oximoron, but rather something I must try to utilize to be מקדש His Name. Regardless of how I end up using my particular talent, I am on a search to find a way to use it לשם שמים, or, as a certain R' H would say, to "make Poppa happy."


flairrah said...

Ignore him, he obviously does not know what he is talking about, nor has he ever read this site, I am sure. Oy reminds me of the comment "I met a girl who went to Bnos Chavah and is now in UMBC, isn't that strange" (I took liberties when quoting since I don't recall his exact words but you know what I am talking about) all I have to say is Nisht, these boys are a little backwards in their thinking. Talent should not be squelshed (is that a word) it is a part of who you are and what Hashem made you. You are doing good, don't let some random h.comer get you down.

Stx said...

Wow, quotes from two great people all in one blog! I'm amazed...R'H would be proud ;) And for those of you who don't believe Miss TRW, I'll let you know that she is not only telling the truth; she's understating it.
1) This particular blogger is VERY proud of her yiddishkeit, and would shout it to the world if it would do any good (and sometimes has--b'kanaus! ;) )
2) Talent--well, we won't talk about that. Let's just say that her "high school stardom" had people from HSs all over talking for weeks afterwards about how touched they were by her acting--as well as the message that her character conveyed.
3) You can make Poppa happy with anything. Sometimes things that are more low-key than what you'd like, sometimes things that make you roll your eyes, but they're still ways to use them. And talents, like anything else, are given to a person in order so that we can use them to fulfill our tafkid in life. Maybe not as full-time actresses, or whatever else each of us has, but as some, maybe minor, aspect of our lives. Think about it.

And I think that using your blogname as an aspiration is a good thing. Hehe. Present company INcluded.


P.S. Thank you. For the three worded parentheses. Or perhaps I'm being too bigheaded... ;)

TRW said...

Oh, I'm not worried about him...I doubt he'll ever make it here anyway. I'm just afraid that there're others like him that will think the same way. So I wanted to make a statement saying "this is me, so don't judge" or at least ASK me questions you have about me before randomly commenting about me.

TRW said...

Oh, you're not ;) (and this is really ONLY for you, Stx: -->)

TRW said... meant the name of your blog, didn't you? Well...I thought you were talking about something else (hehe..;))

aishel said...

Sorry for posting the link! I don't know if you're familiar with, but BaronPhillip is ususally very quick to come up with assumptions, and once he assumes something, he will not change his mind. So don't you worry about him! :)

TRW said...

Aishel-don't worry 'bout posting it. When it went up, an administrator (guess who!) asked me if I had a prob with it and I said no. I still don't. I think it's important to make clear what I am NOT so that the others who are a little more open-minded can more easily avoid Lashon Hora. And now I have to stop talking about this Baron, cause I'm just as bad as him if I don't...He could be really trying to get something across through the befudellment of his thoughts, but, like the rest of us (or rather, like most of us..), has trouble with finding the right words..

Ysmile12u said...

First of all I hope that I am one of those friends who you think understands this. Second of all dont let this person upset you. Your true friends know how dedicated you are to Judaism and that is all that matters!!! Just remeber that I know that you utilize your talents the way that Hashem would want you too.

Littleredridinghoodie said...

do u have an agent?