Monday, September 12, 2005

Sakrfys: Get Out

Incidentally, my favorite ;)
'Cause I WANNA move to Omaha!

Ain't it comfortable to live in a big community,
Shuls and Touros every corner, and we're right near the city,
We got pizza falafel, Italian and Chinese,
Ice cream, candy stores, Mendy's and Dougie's.
This is Gan Eden on Earth - what an opportunity

Got my choice of Daf Yomi shiur morning and night,
Where to send the kids to school, wife and I get to fight,
It's like a ghetto where we live, every house another Yid,
You think we'd all be friends in the neighborhid,
But we don't even know the people living next door to our right.

Is this what the Aibishter really wants from me?
To sit here in my ghetto community...
I could be sharing and caring for Jews round the country,
Don't be selfish, live more sacrificially!

Get out of New York, New Jersey, LA, Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, London, sayinara!
Move out to Edmonton, Charleston, Oakland, Omaha,
You wanna waste your life away or reach a Jew that's far?
They're all or brothers and sisters,
It ain't about survival of the fittest,
(If you wanna do His ratzon ultimately,
You gotta give up some of life's luxuries)
Go and make a difference - sheves achim gam yachad.

Meanwhile our fellow Jews are dropping off the radar,
While we're here enjoying our fire-poppers and potatoes,
We're losing more and more, more and more, more and more, more and more,
Brothers and sisters - they ain't gonna wait-a,
That's it, I'm off help the Jews, keep the change, see ya later.

Don't gotta be a rabbi, rebbe or schochtor,
There's loads of rooms for lawyers, therapists and doctors.
Just think of the impact you'll make - it's a piece of cake,
It won't be for naught, just living in our courts,
On a faraway brother, maybe Christopher Schwartz.

The disclaimer is one of the best parts of the song, but you have to buy the CD (which, by the way, looks like a vinyl record) to see it ;)


Lvnsm27 said...

What do you think about song 2 'Yossele 5765' interesting, huh?

TRW said...

Yeah, I don't really get it. I feel like it's for one specific person, like they told him they'd make a song for him...dunno.

Lvnsm27 said...

lol, but it's cool b/c it's different.

Anyway, the music in these songs are amazing, I guess because I like alt rock. And I also like other music too.

Karl said...

What is it, and where can I get hold of it?

Lvnsm27 said...

TRW said...

They have clips of the songs on the website. It's really good if you like alternative rock, and the lyrics are absolutely amazing (as you've prob'ly seen...)

TRW said...

I bought the CD at my local Judaica store.

Karl said...


Why havent I heard this earlier. Definately getting a copy when I can - I doubt they sell it here, so hope they ship it. Thanks for the info.

TRW said...

Yup! It's the cure for the common Jewish music (and very very very good for those of us who *gasp* have listened to secular music...;) )