Monday, September 12, 2005

Why, Why WHY???

I see the negativity, the cynicism.
It could come abruptly, but sometimes it grows slowly.
"They don't care, hypocrites, selfish, two-faced..."
Why do we perpetuate this?
Can't we HONOR Hashem's Name?

Defeated sigh..

I'm sick of hearing the bad stories. Can't there be some good ones? Why don't the inspired ones speak up...wait...they ARE doing it!
It's zeh l'umas zeh in this world. There's gotta be a lotta good somewhere if there's so much bad.
It's just a matter of finding it...and I'm IY"H going to see the film next week.

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Jack's Shack said...

There is a lot of good in the world, sometimes we forget to speak about it.