Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Book Review

A note: I stopped reading most fiction a while ago (with the exception of pretty much one series ;) ), mainly because of bad quality, bad content, and the fact that real life (or real
history) is sooooo much more interesting.

I just got the newest book in the midos series by R' Baruch Chait and Gadi Pollack. As usual, I'm so impressed, and I just want to share it. There're three books so far, about the journey of the travellors of the Gaavatanic and their trails and travails. It's pretty cool, because it has absolutely beautiful drawings, and the lessons it teaches are really real. Using the אורחות צדיקים as its "main source of reference," the books talk about Midos, something very apropos for during Sefira. It shows how character traits can be good or bad, taken to either extreme, and describes how NOBODY can be perfect without working on themselves. Not all of the Midos are "good" or "bad" per se, it's just how and when they're used that makes all the difference.

And I'm a sucker for pretty pictures :)

Another note: I just figured out how to post pics, but not how to combine them with text...if anyone knows, please let me know! Thanks!


Karl said...

Once published, just edit the post - either type your text into the picture post, or copy & paste the picture script into the text post.

EN said...

I love the series and the beautiful pictures as well! Thanks for the update.
[Side question, what happened to STX, you just got to let us know, we will miss her :( (even though she was dying out on us in the end. I think she got burnt out from finals. How sad. Let us know if it is because she has charata on being on the internet, it might be a chizuk for us to finally quit.)]

Cosmic X said...

They are great books. My kids love them!