Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The RIGHT way to make a Takana

I love the Baltimore community.

Recently, the Vaad Harabonim in Baltimore published a letter in a weekly magazine describing what they call a "request..that the Vaad Harabanim would like to bring to the attention of the klal." The matter is indeed small, yet something that has bothered many people (on all ends of every spectrum). But that's not the point. It's worded so respectfully, with a note that "The Vaad Harabanim would very much like to hear people's response to the above suggestions." No, they don't have to write that. Yes, we know that they're much greater than the average person. And yet, they treat everyone like they're on the same level. They're offering a "suggestion" to the community (which happens to be very valid), in a respectful and thoughtful way that condemns nobody and offers suggestions on how to change.

I'm impressed.


SaraQ said...

I know that this was not the point of your blog-but for those not currently in Baltimore, what was this new issue?

Stx said...

And for those currently in Baltimore but stuffed in a hole with nothing but a laptop and diet soda (until today!), what was this new issue?

TRW said...

I'll answer y'all seperately