Monday, May 30, 2005

I've been tagged!

Just got back from a whirlwind, spur of the moment trip to my aunts' (the one with the secret passageway in her house ;) ) and found that I've been tagged by en to do RandomActsofKindnesses.

I originally found the definition on survivor's blog:

RAK (rak) n. a random act of kindness done out of the goodness of one's heart, the act of helping others, Etymology: Yiddishe Mamma

Whoever started this, I like it! ;)

1) Didn't get upset at all when everyone else thought I would. In fact, I was quite nice! (והמבינה תבין)
2) Didn't talk back to avoid an argument and just did as she said (and no, "she" wasn't my mother)
3) Called my PiT-on TIME, and changed the book we're gonna learn BEFORE she bought it so she doesn't see the awful editing (or lack thereof) that I found.
4) Called someone else about the elusive Rivka (who I think might be going by Rebecca these days), with whom only I can relate, from what I understand. I still havn't called her, but I need to figure out the situation first...
5) Finished cleaning up the kitchen so my mother wouldn't have to when she got home

I'm tagging:
Stx (you knew you would be ;) )
Ger-ish (although you've been gone for a while-I guess now is peak grading time)


Karl said...

umm I'm thinking....
will let u know when I come up with something.

yiddishe mamme said...

Very nice. Thanks for playing along! :)

Stx said...

Thanks, just got this now...

Haven't been blogging recently, but this definitely deserves a post...Yell at me if I don't post one in the next coupla days, but I think it's a great way to make an impact during sefirah!

Yiddishe Mamme--Great idea...

yiddishe mamme said...

Thank you stx!