Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ad of the month: IM ;)

In an effort to allow for some breathing space between interviews, I'm just going to mention my thoughts on IM. It's a lovely thing, Instant Messenger. As a general rule, I hate talking on the phone. Especially the cell phone. It never has reception, someone's always talking to loud, and your time is literally money-they add up every second.

The cute little yellow guy, though, just lets you talk when you want, what you want, to whomever you desire. You don't have to rehash your last 5 years with someone (they've usually read your blog anyway and KNOW what you've been doing the last five years...incidentally, you never know who reads your blog...former roommates, former stage managers, former elementary school teachers ;) ), and you can just get to the point and ask them what you need to ask them. There's no need for small talk, 'cause the whole point of IM is to make the conversation quicker. And there're no long distance fees! ;)

But I just realized something else cool about it. I've been missing someone 'cause she hasn't been on IM recently. I see her nearly every day, and when I saw her today, I told her I had missed her online presence.

She responded: "Why don't you just call me?"
Me: "Cause then I'd have to talk to you!"
Her: Look (Complete with the eyebrow raising..)
Me: "No, it's just that I don't even have to say anything, but I know you're there, 'cause I see your little IM box where you said hi and it doesn't say she has logged off yet!"
Her: Sigh

It's just a presence. With some people you can sit in a room and not talk to for hours, but the point is that you're with each other. You can be on the phone (arg!) for an hour and not say anything (be doing something else) for a full 20 minutes of it.

I like you.


Stx said...

So why don't we do the no-talking-phone dates again until my internet's back up?

EN said...

I like you too ;)
Cool link!

TRW said...

'Cause you're never around when I call either :(

Stx said...

Sorry, I've been busy lately. Shouldn't be soon though, probably after next week.