Sunday, August 28, 2005

Do You Want to Know?

It's something I've thought about a lot recently. There are so many bad things going on. A young yeshiva buchor from London, engaged to be married, is stabbed to death in the Old City. People desecrate the Name of Hashem. People cry. People get sick. People hurt other people.

Do you want to know? Would you rather remain blissfully oblivious to all those things that you can't do anything about?

Knowing creates responsibility. If you know something's wrong, it's up to YOU to fix it.

Are you up to that terrifying challange?

I don't know if I am. I'm scared of the world.


Scott said...

You hit on something I have thought about alot recently, that 'knowing' makes one responsible. That is a big statement, and burden. Knowledge of the world and how people act,live, and piece a life together in this crazy world is frightening. I feel that knowing does make one somewhat responsible to help the innocent, who may not 'know' as much. Great blog, I came over from Barbara's on the Verge of thinking blog.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Excellent post.

Being scared does not necessarily mean that we can stay away from our responsibility. If anything, fear can make us more responsible, to take the steps necessary to do what is needed. The results, i.e.,what happens, are not in our hands.

TRW said...

Scott: My point exactly! And that's what makes it so scary...

Barbara: Fear has to make us responsible. Because we have to change what we can...or else we're, in a sense, guilty for "standing over the blood of our brothers"

Karl said...

There is nothing you can do to escape it, if you ignore it, the world will find you - responsibilty is caring enough to have a feeling for it. It is all of our responsibility. It is a challenge, but one that is not optional. It is scary, but if you have been given the challenge from G-D, then HE gave you the tools to takle it.