Monday, August 08, 2005

"Defen"itions of TRW

1. What influenced (positively and/or negatively) your decision to attend college?

A few things. I went to a school that didn't condemn college, as I think I've mentioned before. We have a "college guidance counselor" that you can sit down with to discuss what you want to do, just like there's a "seminary guidance counselor." I also had some awesome teachers (Mrs. W., Mrs. L., even Mrs. B. went to college! ;) ) who supported me along the way. It wasn't really a choice for me. When I came home from sem, I was told to either get a job or go to college. I guess I was just lazy and didn't want to work yet, (although I certainly have a ton of work for school anyway!) plus, I really couldn't see myself as a secretary for the rest of my life (although I did that for quite a bit as well.. ;) ). I also love learning, and this was the only (formal) way that I could continue it. There are certainly atmospheric issues (and I don't mean the air) in college, and I remember the trauma of the first day of orientation, but I still enjoy the learning...

2. Within which historical period, if any, would you choose to be reborn? Why?
I had a very hard time with this question. Possibly the time Shlomo, because even though things were certainly not perfect, they were pretty near it. The Bais Hamikdash was in its glory, the king was the wisest in the world, and everyone all over was aware and conscious of Hashem's rule over all. Or possibly Chizkiyahu's time, when every child on the street knew the answers to the hardest shailos. No. The time of Moshiach. When the world is truly perfect, and we understand.

3. Truth or Dare?
Truth. Usually. depends on the person. If I know they won't be able to phrase the question that leads into my soul, I'll let them try it. But very few people can do that to me...(kinda like Anne's "kindred spirits")

4. Why did you start blogging? Do you continue to blog for the same reason(s)?
I got a blog name 'cause I wanted to post on Stx's blog ;) I actually blogged because I couldn't stand the tremendous amount of negativity and awfulness that I found on blogs, and I decided I had to combat it in my own tiny little way. I still try to do that, but my blog has become way more personal than I'd meant it to be originally...

5. What character trait or habit (not necessarily your own) irritates you above all else?
It used to be hypocrisy, but it's become negativity and cynicism. It ruins not only the life of the person doing it, but (at least the day of) everyone with whom they encounter.

6. (You know how people "make statements" with the things they say and do?) WhatÂ’s your statement? What do you want your statement to be? What statement would you make if you knew it'd be the last thing you did? What statement would you like to avoid making? [No answer required. I just wanted to ask the questions.]
I'm not going to answer this one, but thank you for asking it. It puts a different perspective on my actions. :)


BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

what beatuiful answers. The time of Shlomo was indeed a magical one in history.

Be well, and have an easy fast.

Chana said...

I like your idea of starting a blog to combat negativity. Well done!

TRW said...

Barbara: Isn't it though? Magical is a perfect word for it :)

And thanks. You too.

Chana: Thank you! I just hope it works..;)

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

I agree with chana. A blog to combat negativity is a great idea. Keep up the good work.

Have an easy fast if I do not post for awhile.

defen said...

Regarding answer #4, I'd venture to say that you're pretty successful. :)

Thank you for allowing me to ask you these questions.