Saturday, August 06, 2005

Rashi's 900th Yartzeit

I just wanted to link to ClooJew's blog where he discusses Rashi's 900th yartzeit, which took place on Friday. It just struck me. I guess 'cause Rashi's time is the time in Jewish history that I'm really studying, so it struck a cord within me. He's so important, so real to us today, 900 years later. What would we be without Rashi? He saw that Torah was getting lost, so he used to leave notes on the rebbiim's desks in cheders with the answers to "unanswerable" questions. And for us his word is almost pshat!

Just take note.

In other news, may these nine (now eight) days that we're in lead to גאולה and may we merit reverse the שנאת חינם and bring משיח before this ט' אב.



Stx said...


It's incredible to think that this is Rashi's 900th Yartzeit. We see him as so alive today, of such a part of our lives. How many people can claim that as their legacy?

Even, l'havdil LOTS of havdalos, Plato and Aristotle... Washington... Darwin... their ideas are studied in schools, perused by incorrigible academics - but other than that, mostly ignored. There's something special about being part of the everyday lives of so many people that just takes your breath away.

Mine, at least.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...


Have an easy fast.

bleemy's blemishes said...

Amen to that!! Yeah pretty cool how Rashi still endures to this day more than any other commentary! Even a girl like me can appreciate that!


ClooJew said...

Thanks for the support, TRW.

BB, it's good to see you with something to say!

Barb, WHAT is with the shtreimel???