Sunday, January 23, 2005

Compulsive Away Message Checking (Stalking?)

IM is an inerestin''s really convenient, in that you can keep in touch with friends from far away, but when you spend more time talking on it to the person around the corner from you than you actually physically speak to that person, you kinda wonder ;) On the other hand, it keeps up relationships that you wouldn't necessarily keep if you hate talking on the phone..(not personal experience or anything ;) )

And away messages are like tiny little blogs. You can leave whatever your current theory on life for everyone to see and think about. Take this one, for instance:

"the world is a funny place...trying to figure it out is the ultimate riddle given to every human being. But I think that most humans just dismiss the puzzle as one that cannot be solved. This is only because people are often one of the puzzle pieces themselves. A puzzle piece looking at the puzzle pieces around him can hardly imagine what the entire puzzle will look like...even when the puzzle is completely finished. Disassociate yourself from the puzzle - perhaps that is the ultimate magic trick - and you will come to understand the true nature of the world"

Fascinating, no? That's from someone I don't even talk to on IM, but I have his sn just I check his away messages. They're usually sooo thought-provoking, I had to share.

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