Sunday, January 16, 2005

Shabbos #3

I'm taking a break from Latin craziness to write about lessons learned this Shabbos:
1. Balconies at shuls are wonderful. It's sooo beautiful to see the little boys running, so excited up to the aron when they take out the Torah so that they can kiss it. It kinda fits with what Simple Jew and R' Pinchos Lipshutz said recently about the importance of mesora and children in our religion.
2. Zmiros on Shabbos have a beautiful power (especially when sung by people with trained voices! ;) )
3. Family is never as scary as they seem.
4. Toronto is COLD!!! But the people are so nice and warm! It's amazing what a difference a smile makes to a new person (or just to anyone!). Even if you feel stupid doing it, do it! It makes a world of difference.
Have a wonderful week!

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