Monday, January 10, 2005

On Anonymity

Dunno if I even spelled it right..
I recently recieved an anonymous email requesting information about someone I know. Not someone I know very well, but well enough to give references to someone interested in them. This is just a general message (since I refuse to email the anonymous author back) to let you know that I don't give information about people to people I don't know and have no reason to trust. I'm sorry. Either be honest and tell me who you are, or don't bother. How would you like it if someone gave information about you to someone whose name they didn't even know? Personally, I find it rather frightening.
I'm not trying to be harsh. Seriously, if you want to find out about this person, I'm happy to give shidduch information or send you somewhere to help you find info. Just reassure me that you're not a serial killer...;)
Oh, and another thing. I think I might spell things somewhat differently than you do, and considering the few people that have the specific email address at which I recieved the letter, a certain someone is way up there on my suspicion list..
B'Hatzlacha in all your shidduch endeavors!!

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