Saturday, August 14, 2004

All the fault of the puppy

K-so just in order to sign a post on a blog, I am forced to make a blog...Devorah, you didn't do it, it was's always her fault, ya know? So this is my knowing that eventually this will somehow get out to the world, I'm going to try and be careful, but I slip sometimes..;)


Devorah said...

Brucha Haba'a! What? I'm not being blamed? Wicked.

TRW said...

Ironic that you say that (see later post on Chachma Bagoyim and Wicked)..
Nah, I thank you for helping me to present my chaotic mind to the just can't take ALL the credit!

Stx said...

Yay!!!!! So it's MY fault (no, it's HIS fault, no it is, it's not, it's true, wait a minute...)