Wednesday, August 25, 2004

On Sunglasses and Tinted Windows, Part II

So what's the connection to tinted windows? Cars in general are also a way that people separate from the world. It's funny, cause we think of cars as ways to get to people. On the other hand, we also use cars to get away from people as well. And even when we travel, be it to or from people we love, we are separate from those around us. All of the cars on the highway, in the next lane, in front of us or in back of us, are essentially distant. We shut our windows tight and focus inward, turning up our radio, or turning to the person in the passenger seat. Having a 20-45 minute drive to school/work (depending on traffic), I've been thinking about that a lot.
Did you ever see your friend in the car next to you? You can see them every day, you could have just come from their house, but it's sooooo exciting when you see them on the highway. Why? What's so exciting about seeing someone again after just seeing them for four hours? It's because you're in a private space in your car, surrounded by unfamiliar territory. When you see a friend, suddenly you have someone to whom it's safe to wave at, smile at, talk to, whereas before it was just you and "all the other people on the road."
Some people might say that it's the same with walking down the street, as many people deliberately turn away so as not to meet people's eyes (again, the eye thing-it's personal contact), but there are also many many more possibilities for encounter with people when you stand next to them, under the same roof or the same sky.
Dunno if all this makes's just my thoughts for the day..;)

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