Monday, August 16, 2004

P.S. for Stx

I really wanted to comment on something in Stx's blog, but apparantly there aren't allowed comments for some reason, so I'm going to comment here. See R' Reinman's personal statement regarding One People Two Worlds. Why was it necessary? Becuase people are sooo quick to condemn the "closed, Orthodox world." Have they ever actually seen it? Or, like people's reactions to so many things, have they only seen the hype and media on that and made their decisions based on what they are fed by others...?
Try it before you knock it! Or at least do some extensive research...(hey, I'm not saying everyone should take a class on Matthew, but then again, now I can give an enlightened opinion on it...and it WASN'T my choice-I fought it tooth and nail)

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