Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Of Sunglasses and Tinted Windows, Part I

It's summer. Fun in the sun! So I was thinking (I do that occasionally) about sunglasses-it's interesting-people who wear them (and I'm including myself here) are essentially cutting themselves off from the people around them. No, wait, let me finish. When you are having a conversation with someone, what do you look at to tell them you're listening? Their eyes. How can you tell how a person's feeling? Their eyes. The eyes tell so much about a person, more than the mouth will ever tell you. (Yes, Stx, that's what's so amazing about yours! I know you're closing them as you read this...but wait-that would be technically impossible ;) )
So back to the sunglasses, people put them on to block the sun. Right? But then they "forget" to take them off when they're in a dark building. I don't think they're intentionally thinking "Okay, I'm hiding from the world now," but you DO feel different when you look at people through sunglasses then when you don't (course, there's a whole long speech on that, but that's for another day...)
So essentially it's a seperation from the world! Now, some days we need that...

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