Thursday, August 26, 2004

Following the status quo :(

I was reading through blogs and realized that everyone's are the same-mine included: "I'm different, and I'm going to prove it by blogging rebellious/catchy/self-absorbed nonsense."
But I AM different!! Really!! (Or something-doesn't everyone want to be special?)
Was looking at my play tonight, got distracted...I wish I could write!! Where's my purple Muse?
(I refuse to explain. I'm in a mood...I hate being typical-but with billions of people in the world, how is one a unique individual? When I'm in a better mood I'll talk about tafkid and t'chuna)


leati said...

It's true, most blogs are the same. But yours is special - you're one of the lucky few who gets my comments! You're very different and *very* special and very *very* interesting... which is why the idea of rooming with you is sounding more appealing every day. Check your email, I want details!

leati said...

Shabat shalom!

And, as always, you're welcome to visit :)

TRW said...

Thanks, da'lin..looking forward to having you join me in Toronto! ;)
Sorry I didn't visit-I didn't check the blog till after Shabbos..hope to see you at the commuter thing tonight!

leati said...

I saw you there!

Did you see me?

TRW said...

Yes, and found out that you're deserting us..:(

Devorah said...
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leati said...

Oh, c'mon, it's only for a semester (or two). I'm sure you'll survive. But if you find you're having a hard time surviving, gimme a call.