Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Dress Code

I wanted to bring up my opinion on dress, that I think has not yet been mentioned by either Stx or Devorah or anyone commenting on their blogs. ('s been brought up, but I wanna give my take)
I was driving yesterday with a not-yet-frum woman and we saw an "I love Tov Pizza" bumper sticker on the back of a car in front of us that did a very illegal and dangerous action. She turned to me and said "It's so funny to me when the Orthodox people do things like that. Becuase they give off an impression of being so religious, and yet they still are not any better than me!"
That kinda scared me. A lot. Because our whole purpose of being here is to raise Hashem's Name in the world. Dressing and acting the way we do either elevates it or drags it in the mud. So if you choose to send the message to the world of your Jewishness, that's a wonderful and amazing thing. BUT-be aware that this is what you are doing and act accordingly-every second of the day-as much as you possibly can. This means going beyond what you should-always! Going the extra mile is a prerequisite!
(Note that the achrayus is on us-NOT to judge other people that don't act correctly, but to fix it within ourselves...what bothers us about other people can be traced to a fault within ourselves-it's a sign that we need to work on something-tolerance, if nothing else...)


leati said...

What does your story have to do with dress code?

TRW said...

The way you present yourself is the way that people judge you. Personally, it's wonderful if you're proud of your Judaism and show it to the world (thru dress, Tov Pizza stickers..whatever), but my point is that you must act accordingly.